December 24, 2006

another million years

finally finished this four-pager (it took a million years). some things are ok, some are not, but i'll be drawing something else in a couple of days. i'm thinking i could even serialize it here... we'll see. here's some bits and pieces:

oh, and merry christmas everyone!

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December 21, 2006

a couple of panels

if i did this stuff more often, maybe i'd be better at it.

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December 20, 2006


yes, i'm a bit on the angry-cranky. feh.

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December 17, 2006

in a nuts' hell

it's 5:20 am right now and i'm up painting these:

i fell asleep around nine pm, but got up around one or so. so i paced, watched primer (very good!), read issue #7 of desolation jones (ellis ugh, zezelj does his usual on art), issue #1 of grant morrison's new authority (writing so-so, art serious ugh), leafed through the fourth tpb of gotham central... and here i am, painting little hazelnuts. but it pays the bills. or it will, in four to six months. good news is, if all goes well with this and the stuff i did since september (i.e. if i go and break some fingers and make them pay for the damn stuff), i don't have to work for the next six months, at least. of course, storyboards and stuff is always there, but i'll have the option of saying "no thanks".

this stuff oughta be finished by early monday morning, then i can finally go do some real arty stuff - three pages to ink, got some new brushes yesterday, it'll be a treat.

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December 14, 2006

the chair leg of truth

did this a few days back, it should be safe to post now:

in other news, i now drink coffee (!), which helped tremendously in finishing the pencils for a four-pager that i should ink by friday, hopefully. work work work. but fun, too. got the first tpb of american virgin today, read it, and i'll pick up the second one too when it's out. drawn by becky cloonan, you might remember her from demo. also, got this in the studio book, which is quite fancy, fun, with a lot of nice pictures. basically, nine long 'interviews', but it's mostly people like seth, ivan brunetti, etc. writing about stuff they love, etc.

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December 10, 2006

i'm ashamed-

that i didn't know about this earlier - paul pope's blog. just found it on here's a flickr set of his stuff, too.


new studio member! - her name is totoro. now i'll join the other people in posting hundreds of photos of their cats... nah. i'll just draw her a lot, i guess.

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December 09, 2006

post #100... but not really.

it's more around post #120, since the blog crashed some time ago and i had to copy all posts into one... but it's some kind of an anniversary. i think it's also around two years now.

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aping someone else's style (half-assedly, too), for some covers. these are still random elements... tired as hell. will post more. click on the second pic to enlarge.

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December 08, 2006

blue lines

had to do a bunch of these the other day, for school. and it's generally great fun and you learn a lot if you put some brainpower in it. did them in blue pencil so i might ink them sometime. now back to work, so i can hopefully do a page of comics later today.

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December 05, 2006

head as splode

tired and busy and tired so here's a couple of old sketches. as in, a year old.

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did this last week, forgot to post. another drawing i did between other things.

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December 04, 2006

repea- hm.

finished inks from the other day. right now i'm stuck with some boring illos.

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December 02, 2006


a couple of panels from a page i pencilled tonight, and inked halfway through. closeup:

it's been great fun drawing tonight, and as usual, it makes me wonder why i don't do it more often. sheer stupidity, i guess.

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November 30, 2006

positive tension

just bought some paper! hurrah! i can start drawing comics now. it's been months.

movie rant follows:
the other day i went to see children of men at the cinema, but came late, so saw
babel instead. since it's the same people who did 21 grams (which blew me away earlier this year), i was expecting something great, which it sadly isn't (and it's not getting any better in retrospect). i remember reading about it on the internet, with people saying it's the best multi-layered movie of the year. well, having three stories doesn't necessarily make it multi-layered. it worked in 21 grams, but after seeing babel, and tres entradas de melquiades estrada (dir. by tommy lee jones, same screenwriter - guillermo arriaga), i think the man desperately needs to write a proper straightforward movie. he's kinda using the whole disjointed time thing to cover for a bleak story. so blah.
children of men, on the other hand, is straight, and it's one of the best movies in the past few years. everything's top notch, noone's trying to be supersmart and cool, and it's filmed just incredibly. i have no idea how they managed to pull off those 3-4 minute long spectacular shots. a lot of long shots! anyway, any dork who thought v for vendetta was good should see this. real oppression, real brutality. i'll go see it again tomorrow.

i promise less movie fanboyism and more art stuff soon.

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crs 2006 photo report

hellor! for those of you who couldn't make it, here's some bit's and pieces. some photos are fuzzy, but so was the cameraman. just kidding. but not really.

the wonderful world of croatian comics... yes.

streepo & yours truly. one of the rare moments i was drawing there.

the reporter looked remarkably like kyle mclahlan!

the wall of fame and shame

i got the third prize on the show's contest... the bald man is mr. kordey, you might know him.

that's me.

the comic i got the prize for, pencils/inks and the last panels with the generally-unnoticed punchline:

November 29, 2006


more doodles. hopefully i'll get the CRS / funny comics show stuff and photos up here in a couple of days. till then, sameold. i'm back on comics again, mostly writing, but some drawings might happen.

oh, and i already see a bunch of people hating the fountain, but i love it. not claiming that i figured out everything yet, though =)


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November 24, 2006

class doodles

... done in dark. now off to the funny comics show.

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November 23, 2006


just found this out on flickr - a wonderful noel sickles gallery! one of the best comic book artist in history, so check it out. it's a damn shame that noone seems to care enough to make a book about him. anyway, here's a couple of more pics, and an interview. the comic journal had a good interview in #242, along with a gallery. also, the fall 2004 issue of draw magazine - good article with lots of pics. the first two issues of big fun comics had some scorchy smith strips too; i don't think these are the same as the ones that came out in some issues of kitchen sink's steve canyon magazine.

i don't feel comfortable posting anything mine in the same post, so till tomorrow...

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November 21, 2006

two days till...

hello. CRS / funny comics show starts on this friday, and since the posters aren't plastered all over town yet, i figured i could put it up here for starters. the big change this year is the switch from being in SC to ZKM (zagrebacko kazaliste mladih, teslina 7). feel free to send this pic around to anyone who you think might be interested. the official site for the festival is at

in other news, i just got home ten minutes ago, so i didn't get to draw much. though, got some nice books today- dear john, the alex toth doodle book looks great, and the same thing goes for gipi's they found the car. since it was cheap, i also picked up the heavy metal special with all three albums of sky doll. dunno is it readable, but looks pretty good (barbuci&canepa - same guys who did witch, the magazine for kids). picked up dusty star #1 for pretty much the same reason.
now to finish watching 400 blows, then bed!

p.s. since i already wrote a novel here, here's a shameless plug - a few of my drawings (and a bunch of others by interesting people) are on auction here, so take a peek. but hurry - only 20-ish hours left!

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les braindead

yes, it is actually possible to draw without using your brain. and i should do it more often. surprisingly, i was in a good mood today. could it be because i overslept, got up at 11, realized i had no umbrella (it was pouring outside) and stayed home all day? could be. did a bunch of reading, and saw "sympathy for lady vengeance", the latest film by chan wook park. it's good, but oldboy and sympathy for mr. vengeance seemed much better to me. more retarded doodles tomorrow.

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November 17, 2006

November 13, 2006

albino shapeshifting lizard bitches

been in a playful mood tonight, so did a bunch of random sketches. recently i'm able to enjoy both sketching straight, clean, finished stuff, and then at the same time do very loose scribbles. the itch do try every possible thing is kicking back in, too. since i'm using the fancy layout again, i'll mention that i saw scanner darkly today. it's a philip k. dick adaptation so i had to see it, and it's good. not mindblowing, but fun to watch, especially robert downey jr.. it's definitely better than the impostor, that's for sure.

now off to bed, or i'll be braindead tomorrow.

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