June 30, 2007

chaos ad

did three pages of pencils today, and i'm drawing the fourth one now. using rough paper this time, so it's a total mess, but these'll be great fun to ink. the difference, to me, between this and the previous episode is enormous-- also, if i manage to employ this new inking thing i've been trying, it'll be great! (feh, i know i'll hate it when it's finished, but i'm ok with having fun while doing it).

June 29, 2007

hands on

did a bunch of hands yesterday, at some ungodly time of the night. crazy fun, also useful i guess, although i didn't make an effort to learn while doing these. just had fun. so, hands and more hands:

June 28, 2007

summer girl

been a while since i posted any non-descript big-boobed random girls, so here's one. summer and all. did it while winding down... worked all day with a pencil, so i kinda missed the brush.

June 25, 2007

comme kenny

found an old "note" for one of the stories i'm working on. kind of. =)

brush love

slowly putting the pieces together... though, i admit i'm only posting this so i can mention that i saw pirates of the carribean 3 today. it was insultingly bad! right up there with spider-man 3 (and probably 300, but i can't bring myself to watch it, the trailer was abysmal by itself) and number 23.

incidentally, post #200.

June 21, 2007

mono pinup

this guy's still floating around (pun intended). never seem to sit down and write down the damn thing. no particular reason, just plain stupid. this pic was great fun to do- started off as a terrible doodle with everything off, just horrible. so it lay on the desk a bit, picked it up yesterday and put some watercolors on it, then gouache, then photoshop. it was strange to see how much i've learned, and also how much have i forgotten re photoshop painting technique. still, great fun, mixed media.

eh, lengthy post, even =)

June 20, 2007


still tinkering with it... bit closer now. this might work, with proper perspective and some clean lines for good measure. this digital sketch is fun to zoom in, there's practically nothing there, hahah:

7 37

trying out something before i put anything to paper. a bunch of things will be clearer and there's some important stuff missing (it's not even cropped right), but it was helpful and fun to work with fat ps brushes. relaxing. here's what i started from- fun fun fun:

it's been a while since i did anything completely without touching the paper. this feels like four years ago.

June 18, 2007

jam sessions

mrva and jusuf were here tonight, so we did a bunch of jam comics. lots of fun... click the page below to enlarge. no pencils, before anyone asks! also, all in croatian, sorry.

June 17, 2007


a doodle from the other day. little page layout sketch courtesy of mr. mcn

June 13, 2007

fancy pants

bought 30 sheets of strange new paper, doodled a bit, and decided that i love it. of course, i probably won't be able to find it next time, but so it goes. starting real work tomorrow morning.

episode 4, page 5, panel 2

i decided that i like this panel. not sure if i liked it then, but now, two and a half months later i do, even the lettering is nearly there. anyhoo, this episode was published in the latest Q strip magazine, but you already know this by now, right? this is the actual cover--

p.s. craig thompson has a blog now, which is fantastic news!

June 10, 2007

memem mem

you can tell i'm working by now, hah. did around 25 pages of sketches, page layouts and doodles today, and the story's broken down for the most part now. gotta try and make some things a bit more elegant, but basically, i could start destroying some bristol now. need to go out and buy some, though, since i used them all up for those cutesy strips and other random stuff.

some things turned out so-so, some aren't as good as i want it to be, but there's been a couple of surprises. the main idea is to do the best i can in a reasonable amount of time, still. just trying to draw it as i would in a sketchbook. sort of.

June 09, 2007

flower hands

doodling is always fun- i always laugh when i nail the wanted mood in a silly sketch like this. lots of fun things to draw in this script!


i'm way too depressed and inert these days, so going back to the drawing board saves my sanity a bit. this sketch is also for the next (#5) episode of port silver. 8 pages this time.

June 04, 2007

not a very good day...

...especially for drawing. my head's the size of the hindenburg. and about to go down in flames, as well. ok, gotta get back to the drawing board (i.e. maya 6.0... whee for college!)

June 02, 2007

don't know don't care

catching up on school stuff at home. just a little test with like a hundred errors. i'll be working on real stuff tomorrow.

updated: did the dog, pasted em together--