September 28, 2007

dog days

been swamped with school, but these came out this week so i guess i can post:

these (advertising comics) have been coming out daily in the newspapers here (24 and vecernji list); the last four and separate illos were all in today's 'special' edition. also, some of it is on billboards around town, which is a strange but nice sight.

September 20, 2007

hard drive

somewhat crappy day today- way too tired and barely managed to do any work in the end, so here's a random head i dug up from the depths of the art folder.

September 17, 2007

keep it simple, stupid

not drawing much of anything else these days, so here's more from the story i'm working on- a crappy two-piece scan of a half of page 5. it's a simple story, and there's no time to fuss about, so i'm just having great fun, which is a pleasant surprise. some parts turn i'm quite happy with, and at times it's strange, because i feel like i'm watching someone else draw all these things. inking should be very fun, too =)

September 16, 2007

between the lines

a couple of random bits from the sketchbook...

oh noes!

didn't want to post anything until it was done, but really like his posture and expression. now back to the drawing board, cheers!

September 13, 2007

September 12, 2007

ugly canvas-y paper

an acquaitance of my mother's asked me to do this caricature as a birthday present- seemed like a nice opportunity to do it in a medium i don't know anything about (acrylics). didn't have much to go from, painted it from a picture on my cell phone (that was a pain- the damn thing kept shutting off). still flying by the seat of my pants, but i'm getting a grasp on few things. it would be better if i worked methodically, but this was more fun. kind of "trial and error" way.

September 11, 2007

i would hurt a fly

trying to learn new things while having fun. also, trying to draw straight in markers, just to see. the likeness is often off, but without the pencils i'm still happy they even look like women. gotta be more sure about the lines with straight ink, but also getting much more comfortable with whiteout, hahah. not aiming for a line claire style with these anyway.

September 09, 2007

art burt

yes, i did it for the crappy joke. had fun, though- turned out old-school, poster like almost. if i had been serious about it, would've put some ink washes at the start too. next time! here's a detail. this stuff is easier than it looks like, and very fun.

September 02, 2007


it feels very futuristic, posting stuff using a psp... the pic is a
random mess, trying out some cheap acrylics i found in a supermarket. not very good at it, but looking forward to learning more!