November 29, 2007


tried doing this one lighter to make up for the damage they'll do when they print it. also repainted most of it in photoshop, zoomed out (around 25%). glad to be done with this guy. now a couple of minor things to finish and i'll take the rest of the crappy day for reading.

p.s. saw richard kelly's southland tales- sure it's impossible to follow up something like donnie darko, but this one's a major blank. such a shame. could've been a nice spectacular end-of-the-world epic. feh.

November 26, 2007

under the weather

it's been a couple of crappy days, some big changes were decided on...

November 22, 2007

not there yet

thursday means another portrait, and this time they decided they need color. since there was no time to go buy proper gouache or something, i used watercolors (plus photoshop). i prefer opaque color but it turned out ok-

November 21, 2007

retour au travail

back home, back to work. the trip was great- it's a wonderful city (paris) and i'm looking forward to coming again soon. since we were zooming around all the time, and it was only for a few days, i didn't sketch much. next time! now back to work, stuff piled up a bit...

November 16, 2007

don't save money on chinese paint

that's all for this week, now for a couple days of rest. heading out for paris tomorrow morning, i hear it's wonderful this time of the year, what with the mass transportation workers on strike and everything. anyhoo, cheers!

November 15, 2007

baby steps

still way too much of a mess, but getting the hang of it. would be easier if it wasn't at the last moment (hard to believe, but not because of me)...

this one should be out in vecernji list, on saturday, for the croatian blog readers. the last one was printed last saturday, didn't see it actually.

November 14, 2007

46 and 2

my hand hurts.

miles to go before i sleep

this is slowly turning into a 24-hour storyboard / illustration day ... and the red bulls aren't even here yet. wheeeeeooooow! and "kabang!"

( the power of Manhand turns everyday objects into nothing! )

November 12, 2007

arbeit macht... mehr arbeit.

something different to work on every day (night), in this case- boards and colorwork (comic page by seƱor mcn)

today's schedule is more boards and a spot illustration. and maybe some sleep.

November 09, 2007

at random

rushing around all day, random stuff done while waiting for things. busy days, but good!

November 08, 2007

peintre du dimanche

work stuff for this evening. still doing everything backwards. not that i don't know how it should be properly done, but i always end up using real paint as photoshop and get carried away. next time i'll do it right. yes. closeup with photoshop makeovers-

November 06, 2007


man do i love the brush. did another ad today, and going to bed at 5 again. i wonder if i'll manage to get up in three hours. hmmmmm...

November 05, 2007


overslept again today so it's work instead of school. better, i'd say.

ungodly a.m.

finally finished this, after some 8 thousand years. i should post some pages, but not now- more work awaits! also, school in mere 3 hours! hooray for caffeine.