March 31, 2008

lunch break


my scanner's dying, so i'll replace it this week with an a3 mustek. anyone have any info on that one? good, bad? slow but does the job? it's six times cheaper than any other one so i'm a bit sceptical about it, but anything will beat scanning the pages in three pieces.

March 27, 2008


been doing the newspaper portraits for five months now, one every week. this one doesn't really look like this, i had fun with liquify after i was finished =)

March 19, 2008


the immortal iron fist #13 is out today- i did 13 pages in the issue. you can find previews via google, or click here. of course, it's the first three clumsy pages. the deadline was tight but i'm generally happy with it, i'd say. here's a page from later on in the issue, colors by mr. matt hollingsworth:

currently working on issue 14, i'm drawing most of the book- 30 pages! not much time to slack off, even though i'm only pencilling (stefano gaudiano, of gotham central and daredevil fame is inking) trying to add new things, and having fun.

March 14, 2008

jedna za darka

i combined two doodles, added a bit around, and got this. nice way to warmup before starting on the pages.

March 11, 2008

getting rough

been doing roughs yesterday and today, and had tremendous fun. can't wait to start doing real pencils on these, which will be very soon!

this stuff calls for some stuff i didn't usually draw, like fighting, and it's a good way to see what i need to work on immediately. most of the time i just lose sight of the whole, when the panel borders seem too small, but after warming up a bit, it gets very easy and fun.

got a bunch of these to do, will post more as i go. these are random bits from pages 11-14. total of 29 to do!

p.s. this isn't the same comic book as the post below, just in case.

March 05, 2008


doodles and layouts for one of the things in the making. it's going to be a super busy month- more than 40 pages to do. doing layouts this week, sketching to find things to add before starting with the breakneck two pages a day schedule, so don't expect an abundance of posts, but i'll try to post here and there.