June 24, 2008

ochre chore

watercolors are the best way to undo the corruption by photoshop... the interent abounds with 'paintings' that are so far removed from painting, it's like putting a piƱata next to a real bull.

June 15, 2008

bat pope

i'm home with no scanner so no pictures, but here's a link to a old-ish paul pope batman story that i really like - broken nose. also, there's the eisner awarded teenage sidekick, which is also very good.

back in a couple of days...

June 13, 2008


looking for someone from the states to forward me some ebay stuff- drop me a mail if you can help.

brush brush brush

number 30 - i hope we make it to 50, or a 100!

June 12, 2008

happy for a year (and many more)

i'm inbetween drawing things, so what do i do? cook chinese-looking things and make cookies (and garlic sauce, not depicted here):

also, we're (my gf and me) working on an incredibly important book:

p.s. the event for which i did the comic/animation from the post below got some media attention and will be covered by some more magazines and newspapers, but here is one online. and here, too.

June 06, 2008

June 05, 2008

on its head

was about time for some change... forced partially by the unability to reproduce the painted ones well in print, part by the wishy-washiness of the results. so some rope-skipping in the next few months!

June 01, 2008


after dropping out of animation school, i'm doing animation for a flipbook. irony, yes?