July 10, 2008

thursday again

that means another portrait (34 weeks and counting) :

this time i was even asked to do sketches, but they dropped the person in the end; too much was milked out of that story already, i guess:

July 07, 2008

odds and ends

some odd bits of storyboards of recent...

also, when you warm up, pencils at 7am tend to go very fast, even if you're completely braindead:

this one's from this morning-

July 04, 2008


the fedex guy surprised me yesterday with a hardcover of iron fist! it might be un-arty to say it, but seeing your name in gold foil does have an "oo" effect. the first and the last page are by me, and there's a bit on the back flap, too:

July 03, 2008

experiments in ink

this is one of the versions you won't see in the newspapers on saturday. the editor likes these stunts, but some other guy (?) doesn't, so... yeh, it's stupid.